Rapid Assessment Tools

We are currently looking for NGOs, UN agencies and governments to test the Wash’Em Rapid Assessment Tools. In the future we will also be looking for organisations to test the decision-making software and conduct small scale pilots of behavioural change interventions. The information below summarises how you can get involved, the kind of feedback we are interested in and the amount of time and resources required from your organisation.


About the Rapid Assessment Tools

Wash’Em has developed a set of rapid and easy-to-use assessment tools. These are adapted to the emergency contexts and are directly linked to program design. So far the written guides have been pilot-tested in crises in Iraq, DRC, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. There are 5 separate rapid assessment tools which are conducted either at a household level or within focus group discussions.

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Do you have time to review our Rapid Assessment Tool Guides?

We are looking for experienced WASH professionals to review the tools and provide feedback

Would you like to get involved in testing the Rapid Assessment Tools in a crisis where you are working?

We are interested in working with partners who can try out the 5 tools in the settings where they are working and provide feedback.


The field guides are ready for testing now and we welcome testing partners until July 2019.

What does the testing involve?

  1. Download and review the 5 rapid assessment tools
  2. Train field teams on the tools
  3. Test the tools with crisis affected populations in the area where you work
  4. Discuss the results with field staff
  5. Debrief (via phone or skype) with Wash’Em team

What is in it for you and your organisation?

  • You will have the chance to try a new approach and build the capacity of your team
  • Based on your findings we can work with you to make recommendations for hygiene programs in your context
  • Your feedback will be part of a global initiative to improve hygiene program design in emergencies

What is in it for us?

We would like feedback on the usability, feasibility and challenges of using the tools (including training your team, undertaking the field work and analysing the results).

Number of people required

We would recommend doing this with a team of 5 people. Doing it with more will reduce the data collection time and doing it with fewer may extend the data collection time.

Time Required (testing all tools)

  • 1 day to train the team and prepare resources
  • 4 days of field work (depending on location scale of testing)
  • 1/2 a day of analysis and feedback to the Wash’Em team

Time required (testing one method)

2 days – test only one tool and feedback to Wash’Em.

Resources Required

  • Cameras (a phone with a camera is acceptable).
  • Printing of 50 sheets (including 1 page colour – colour markers can be used instead)
  • Transport to field sites
  • Basic stationary

What does testing the Rapid Assessment Tools in field look like?

We have put together a rough schedule of a week-long test of the tools with 5 people involved. See the schedule here.

Future Testing Opportunities

In the coming 6-9 months the WASH’EM Team will be also working on the following projects and will be seeking input. Please get in touch if you wish to be involved.

  1. Reviewing the rules that underpin the software package and identifying and refining the behaviour change interventions which are generated by the software
  2. Reviewing the rules that underpin the software package and identifying and refining the behaviour change interventions which are generated by the software
  3. Supporting the development of activity guidance materials
  4. Testing the decision-making software in the context where you work. We will support this process in person. This is so that we can observe the experiences of your team first hand and identify barriers or logistical limitations of the process
  5. We anticipate launching the software towards the end of 2019. This will be followed by a six-month pilot phase where we will encourage organisations and governments all over the world to trial the software. If you have an ongoing hygiene promotion program in a crisis setting and want to try something new and innovative - let us know. We have a small pot of funds to support the generation of evidence around new behaviour change ideas for emergency contexts. This feedback will lead to the finalisation of the software in March 2020

Contact us at support@washem.info if you have any questions!

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